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About Me

About Me
Hello and welcome, I am am a qualified  Psychotherapist and Counsellor with over 20 years experience of providing therapeutic support. I was initially trained in the Person Centred Approach but have also trained in other areas such as Attachment, Trauma, Self Harm, as well as Cognitive Behaviour style therapies and Art skilled therapies.

I have worked in private practice, Children and Adolescents Mental Health teams and specialise in working with children who are looked after away from their birth families as well as supporting their foster/adoptive parents.

My Services

Adult Therapy

I can help you explore aspects of your life which you feel are holding you back from fulfilling a satisfying life. Therapy is a chance to work through issues such as but not limited to: childhood trauma, loss and bereavement, relationship breakdowns, loss of jobs, friendships, difficulties around sexuality or gender.

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Couples Therapy

The spark in a relationship can often lose its glimmer, which can lead one or both of you feeling disillusioned and can lead to difficulties in the relationship. I can support you to safely explore what may need attention, and help you both find ways to move forward.

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Adolescent Therapy

I have worked with many young people, helping them make sense of their world and themselves. It can be an extremely difficult time for young people with stresses about school, their relationships with peers and their changing relationships with their parents and siblings.

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Therapy for Children

Children are not naughty by choice, it’s their way of communicating something isn’t right for them. Using a variety of methods I can help them learn to use their voice instead of their behaviour to let you know what is bothering them.

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Training for Professionals

I have extensive experience of training other professionals in areas such as Attachment Theory Self harm in young people Affects of Trauma on the Developing Brain Parenting Programmes Support for Foster Carers/Adoptive parents Supervision

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